Flickering black screen in DaVinci Resolve?

POSTED ON November 02, 2020 BY Allavio

Are you noticing a flickering black screen inside DaVinci Resolve while changing user provided controls for Templates ? Learn how to fix it below.

Fix flickering black screen in DaVinci Resolve.

  1. Right Click on the template in editing timeline

    If you are using a Transition instead, simply right click on the Transition object in the timeline.

  2. Select “Open in Fusion”

    open in fusion tab davinci resolve

    This will open the Template in the Fusion Tab, and be recognized by Resolve. This step helps Resolve recognize it as a Fusion template for faster editing and caching. You do not have to Edit the template here, simply head back to Resolve after doing this step.

  3. Head back to Resolve. Click on the Edit Tab

    Edit tab davinci resolve

    Click on the Edit Tab in DaVinci Resolve window to head back to your editing timeline.

  4. Continue editing your Template inside Resolve

    You should now be able to change the user provided controls without seeing a black flickering screen. If the issue continues, you can edit the Template in the Fusion tab with no flickering.